What is ‘Phonological Awareness’?

Sounds are all around us, vibrations in the air, hitting our eardrums on an almost constant basis. Some of which though are different frequencies that we can’t even detect.

It’s quite amazing that as a child we learn to attach various meanings to these vibrations and make sense of the world around us.

It’s no wonder then, that parents constantly talk to their children and teach them the meanings so they can, in time, pick up a language (or three in my child’s case)! To talk to a child is to let them become familiar with those sounds and eventually understand the meanings.

There are ways to aid learning the English language, and that’s through being phonological aware. I’ve put together an infographic braking this down, so let’s have a look:


Published by Matthew

Director of Can Cubs - an educational centre which provides English tutoring, early years curriculum and parent, student & educator resources. In my spare time, I love tending to my garden and going mountain biking.

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