How to get my child to eat healthily?

Getting your little one to eat what you deem as ‘healthy’ can sometimes be a challenge, and can even turn into a battle, resulting in food being slingshot across the room – even trigger the dreaded toddler ‘meltdown’!

My child loves pasta, and can quite happily gorge on just that by itself. As we know, pasta alone isn’t very balanced though!

So what is the trick I hear you ask? Blending! Yes, put the targeted food the child wouldn’t normally eat by itself, and blend it with their favourite sauce. They gobble it down in no time. And you can be assured they received a nutritious meal!

Getting your child desiring healthier options over junk food may require some creative thinking! Here are some of my ideas, if you have others, be sure to leave them in the comment section!

Getting kids eating healthier food

Published by Matthew

Director of Can Cubs - an educational centre which provides English tutoring, early years curriculum and parent, student & educator resources. In my spare time, I love tending to my garden and going mountain biking.

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