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Children learn in different ways. Sometimes they can also learn something while doing something they enjoy, known as edutainment. It is convenient when a book’s character or series matches the values you want to encourage. An association to a series could also support children in finding an initial connection with other children. The following are a few tips to encourage children to read books.

1. Look for relatable characters

Connection with characters in a story may make it easier for children to learn from their experiences and perhaps appreciate a topic from a different view. Sometimes a child can better understand a situation when they can relate to a character in a story.

2. Try something a little bit silly or unorthodox

Some children’s books use animals for their relatable factor. There are lots of examples in books where animals talk and live like humans. Sometimes, characters are a mix of both human and animal characteristics. Some stories have objects which are living, for example, a talking teapot. 

3. Think about the format

There are lots of book formats to choose from, but in summary, the choice is a physical version or an electronic copy. New books typically attract a cost, but you can get access to free books from the library, or you can browse the Internet for a variety of free ones. 

Sometimes there are extra elements in an eBook compared to a print version. For example, Animation is a good example. Traditional books take up more space than eBooks, but there is still a preference by some for a print version because of the look and feel and the need for no batteries.

4. Support the reading journey

A child could use the same book from early childhood to a point where they can potentially read it by themselves. The knowledge gained from familiarity can serve as a morale boost when children get to the stage they can read independently.

5. Find a book for the right development stage

The need of every child differs during their development. Whether a child will enjoy a book or find it boring depends on the length, grammar, and level of content the child is prepared for, emotionally.

A recently published children’s story I recommend – Jax and Sheba

Reading Tips for Children | How to help my child read better?

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