Benefits of Online Learning

Since the plandemic commenced last year, many of us have been utilising the internet for a source of income. Many of you have lost businesses, jobs and entire livelihoods. But we are resourceful, and so we continue striving onwards!

Closure of Schools

Since schools have also been closed for a long period of time, students have taken to the net to continue learning. Perhaps for them, it’s not so bad. They are now in the comforts of their own home and have more freedom in studying. They can explore topics which they would never have encountered in the school system. Although, they still of course get given work to do according to the curriculum as well. 

The Bright Side

For those students who have a deep desire to seek truth, think creatively and test their critical thinking skills; now has never been a better time! In fact, they’ve had the most opportunity compared to all students before them in the previous years. With the power of the internet at their fingertips, they can delve down some deep rabbit holes if they so chose. Perhaps more fulfilling than regurgitating nonsense in the classroom?

Students now can choose who they want as a tutor, rather than one selected for them at random. If their tutor at school is not for their liking, tough luck , they need endure them until the time comes in saying goodbyes. 

Selecting their own tutor online, means it is a service (rather than an obligation, like in school), which means the tutor tries their very best and genuinely wants the student to do well. After all, they have invested in each other. If the student wants to move on, then they can easily do so as well. Online tutors don’t have their hands tied in any way, they can delve in to topics which perhaps would be taboo or ignored in a traditional school environment. It’s unfortunate, that schools often don’t provide a rounded and well-balanced education. Using an online tutor really supplements learning massively for the student.

Online Tutors – Better Than School Based Tutors?

If I were to summarise the main advantages of having an online tutor, they would be the following;

  • Personalised lessons, rich in content, discussion & enjoyment 
  • Easy to check testimonials and background of the tutor
  • Flexible, better time management and more affordable than physical based learning
  • Utilises a variety of learning methods through technology 
  • Someone that will always listen attentively, no matter what the conversation
  • No need to travel anywhere
  • No competition with other students and no class disruptions

The Parents Are Often the Best Educators For Their Children

If you’re a parent, you are often the best teacher for your children. You should teach them as much possible and whenever possible. But unfortunately, there isn’t always enough hours in the day, so designating some responsibly on to an online tutor can be a great idea! We would be happy to take away some of your burdens. If you need tutoring yourself, that can also be arranged! We can help all ages and abilities, so lets get to it!

Published by Matthew

Director of Can Cubs - an educational centre which provides English tutoring, early years curriculum and parent, student & educator resources. In my spare time, I love tending to my garden and going mountain biking.

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