Planning Activities for Kids

Early Years & Activity Planning

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For those of you working in the early years sector, you’ll know that planning fun educational activities for your group can become increasingly difficult as time goes by. It may seem that you have exhausted all the activities available and your creative spark has fizzled away! Indeed, planning in general takes up time. Valuable time! Time which is much better put to use by spending it with the group instead, or even on your own leisure time! Having said that, planning is essential and shouldn’t be discarded. 

The Prime Areas

We all want to see our children developing well, put for that to happen, the focus then, when planning, must be on the prime areas which contribute to a child’s overall development. The prime areas are:

  • cognitive development 
  • communication & language development 
  • personal, social & emotional development
  • physical development 
  • creative development 

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Understanding the above prime areas then, you’ll realise there are so many different kinds of activities that your children can take part in. Be sure to consider the characteristics of effective learning though:

  • playing and exploring – engagement 
  • active learning – motivation
  • creating and thinking critically – thinking

Having the knowledge though is not only enough, well-planned & effective fun activities can be difficult to get right, not to mention the actual delivery of them to the group! I propose that I can be your partner in curriculum and activity planning and creation!

early years curriculum

Why License Our Curriculum?

We’ve built an incredibly popular business model which combines both centre based learning and online learning. We’ve received hundreds of testimonials from both parents and children that say ‘we love what you do!’

Our Little Cubs sessions provide high quality learning which help develop all the essential life skills for active healthy children. Using the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) as a benchmark, the curriculum helps develop all the important developmental aspects in children. 

Children will learn about a different topic each week, and as the children progress through the curriculum, they’ll see developments made in their language, physical, creative, cognitive, mathematics, social & emotional aspects. They will be engaged by captivating stories, musical videos, nursery rhymes & songs, fun games, art & crafts and much more! It really is a complete package that fits for all kinds of children! 

Sessions are generally separated into two age groups, 2-3yrs and 3-5yrs.

Our Little Cubs Curriculum can fit perfectly into your nursery, preschool, kindergarten or even a homeschool environment! It can work in conjunction with your current curriculum or replace it – it’s up to you!

If you’re an educator who feels that you’re constantly being bogged down due to the computer/paper work involved in creating new sessions on regular basis for your children, then you can look to us to reclaim your valuable time!

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Director of Can Cubs - an educational centre which provides English tutoring, early years curriculum and parent, student & educator resources. In my spare time, I love tending to my garden and going mountain biking.

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