Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels

The Mainstream Media & Publishers

Finding a reputable children’s book publisher or children’s channel can be extremely challenging these days, for consciously minded parents that is. We all want to develop our children’s literacy skills and knowledge base as efficiently as possible, whilst steering clear of the constant brainwashing so often found in these sectors! Whether it be Alphabet, Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox, BBC, Viacom, Scholastic, Penguin Random House or HarperCollins, ultimately they all share common goals and an overriding agenda. An agenda which isn’t looking out for the best interests of your children. 

“Get Them While They Are Young”

Brainwashing, unfortunately, starts young, and examples can be found across all the main-stream publishing houses and media outlets. Much of the content created by the world’s biggest publishers and media-outlets for children often contains subtle imagery, words and concepts which can affect a child’s perception of the world and mould their personality as they grow older. As the guiding agenda by these entities is far from holy, the minds they mould begin to align with the said agenda. 

I could provide a plethora of examples of the ‘brainwashing’ in children’s media & books, but as you’re a reader on this channel, you’ll likely know them already! What’s more important then, is to provide portals to decent publishers & channels, so that consciously minded parent’s & educators like yourselves know where to go for the best pure content.

Alternative Publishing Houses

A recent publisher that I stumbled across is called ‘Brave Books’, they also realise the decadence of mainstream publishers and media producers and are actively doing something about it.  They are just starting up, but already have some great children’s books. You can view the website here and watch the video below. Of course, Can Cubs, has our very own as well!

There is a massive opportunity to counter the agenda set fourth by the powers that be and it lies in alternative media. Show your support today!

Brave Books

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