Scholarly Saturday (9,10)

Gone are the days when families would huddle around their TV’s to catch up on the latest injections of ‘news’. In fact, many families don’t even own a TV nowadays (my own included). Not having a TV in the home, limits the amount of pro-gramm-ing you and your family receive. Using the internet for news – real news, means that you have full control of the information you receive, providing you use ‘alternative’ media platforms, like Telegram and still wear your critical thinking cap! There’s a reason that ratings and views are diminishing at an ever increasing rate on the mainstream channels!

Mass Media = Mass Brainwashing

For those who continue to source their ‘news’ from likes of the BBC, CNN, FOX, Guardian, Daily Mail etc, will continue to be left bamboozled at the events unfolding around them. Reason being, they aren’t giving you the full/real story! Future planning and decision making for those viewers will become increasingly difficult or downright dangerous (if not deadly) if they take certain ‘advisory notices’. In many ways, their entire perspective on life as a whole will become corrupted. Of course, for those who have been programmed by TV for many years already, are perhaps considered lost causes. The messages from this series in particular then, will likely resonate more with the younger generations. The future lives in our youth, awakening their minds then, is of utmost importance if we want enter into a new era, an era which is fair and just for all.

Looking to the heavens above can provide us with more inspiration compared to turning on the idiotbox. After watching today’s series, you may finally realise what those twinkling lights in the sky are…

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration”

Nikola Tesla

Part Nine

Part Ten

*I’m not the creator or the above video content, it is in the public domain and free to share.

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