TeachersWay – Erasmus + Transforming Education 

About Erasmus + Program Erasmus isn’t just a program that offers the freedom to study abroad, lately, the alternatives are more extensive. This decisive partnership specifically for Adult Education is among such proposed activities which empower long haul coordinated effort with affiliations and establishments to alter the instruction framework and advance non-formal training in Europe. Continue reading “TeachersWay – Erasmus + Transforming Education “

Scholarly Saturday Video Series (11)

I’ve always been interested in geology. When I was a child, I had a rock and gem collection, which I actively grew when ever I could. I accumulated  a vast collection, which came from across the world. I tagged each and every stone.  I read books and watched films about geology and even considered becomingContinue reading “Scholarly Saturday Video Series (11)”

Scholarly Saturday (9,10)

Gone are the days when families would huddle around their TV’s to catch up on the latest injections of ‘news’. In fact, many families don’t even own a TV nowadays (my own included). Not having a TV in the home, limits the amount of pro-gramm-ing you and your family receive. Using the internet for newsContinue reading “Scholarly Saturday (9,10)”

Scholarly Saturday (7,8)

In today’s video series ‘What An Earth Happened’, we delve into some extremely dark and disturbing topics.

Alzheimer’s Remedy

I’ve been inspired to write this post today, because I’ve recently encountered a few of my adult students who have brought up this topic in some of our online lessons. I realised that it’s a topic trending, and therefore affecting a greater number of people. So, let’s shed some light on it! Is It Becoming MoreContinue reading “Alzheimer’s Remedy”


Those of you who read the article ‘Making More Money For Your Family‘ will remember that I recommended  buying Quant (when it was around 65 euros per coin). Those who did that are already laughing all the way to the bank! Currently it is at around 110 euros per coin. However, it’s certainly not tooContinue reading “Quant”

Scholarly Saturday – Video Series (5,6)

Perhaps this quote was never been taken literally, but as you are continuing watching this video series, you’ll perhaps realise that Shakespeare was being forthright with you.

Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels

The Mainstream Media & Publishers Finding a reputable children’s book publisher or children’s channel can be extremely challenging these days, for consciously minded parents that is. We all want to develop our children’s literacy skills and knowledge base as efficiently as possible, whilst steering clear of the constant brainwashing so often found in these sectors!Continue reading “Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels”

Scholarly Saturday – Video Series

Looking at the reality of our world. Video series, part three and four.