Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels

The Mainstream Media & Publishers Finding a reputable children’s book publisher or children’s channel can be extremely challenging these days, for consciously minded parents that is. We all want to develop our children’s literacy skills and knowledge base as efficiently as possible, whilst steering clear of the constant brainwashing so often found in these sectors!Continue reading “Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels”

Scholarly Saturday – Video Series

Truth. We all want to be told the truth, and we all teach our children to be truthful. But truth in these times is difficult to come by. As this is an ‘educational’ based blog, it gives me the chance to approach an array of different topics freely. As I’m also not a ‘journalist’ andContinue reading “Scholarly Saturday – Video Series”

Benefits of Online Learning

English Learning Online | Native English Tutor | English Tutoring For Kids and Adults | Benefits of Learning Online

The Importance of Early Recognition

Being able to distinguish quickly between who needs additional support in the early years environment allows the child to progress quicker and makes developmental milestones more achievable to reach compared to if that additional support comes later, or indeed not at all. Recognising problems early on or potential problems and having them addressed can makeContinue reading “The Importance of Early Recognition”

10 Common Toxins You Must Remove From Your Life

We all get sick from time to time, it’s unavoidable, but it is possible to limit our exposure to toxins. The key then, is cutting out the following toxins from your life, consequently you’ll lead a healthier and longer life! Here they are, the major culprits, in no particular order: Fluoride One particular growing concernContinue reading “10 Common Toxins You Must Remove From Your Life”