Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels

The Mainstream Media & Publishers Finding a reputable children’s book publisher or children’s channel can be extremely challenging these days, for consciously minded parents that is. We all want to develop our children’s literacy skills and knowledge base as efficiently as possible, whilst steering clear of the constant brainwashing so often found in these sectors!Continue reading “Decadent Mainstream Publishers & Channels”

Being Mindful

Children are distracted with so many things In this modern digital world. Advertisers are trying to get their attention to sell products. Social media is making them so confused. How can they focus on studies or what they want to achieve in life? Mindfulness has been recognised as one of the best options for kidsContinue reading “Being Mindful”

Smacking Is Not A Solution!

This may seem like an obvious statement to make, but unfortunately, for so any parents they still discipline their child this way. There have been many studies showing the long term ramifications smacking has on a child’s behaviour and personality. The shared conclusions of these studies outlines the following: turns children into angry, resentful adultsContinue reading “Smacking Is Not A Solution!”