“ Learning never exhausts the mind”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Putting my mind, heart and spirit into shaping the minds of tomorrow is something that has always provided me with a meaningful purpose in life. Working with the children provides a chance to change the future for the better. To do this, self-learning has always occupied much of my free time. If I want to create the best possible environment for children to learn and develop then I myself must firstly be knowledgable & wise. Striving for knowledge and wisdom is a continuous journey.

I’ve worked in the education sector for the best part of 10 years and have taught every age and level in that time. 4 years ago I founded my own school called Can Cubs. It’s a place for children aged 0-12yrs to learn and develop English and other important life skills in an inspiring, fun and of course safe setting. I have numerous roles & responsibilities there, the most challenging of which is that of the director. I ensure that the school maintains high standards and continues to grow (both the business itself and the people). Managing staff, and ensuring they are stimulated & happy is vital to the overall success of the business. Hundreds of parents have entrusted me with their children’s education, and many of them can offer testimonials about how much they love what we do.

The journey in the education sector has given me a firm grasp of teaching any age/grade and has made me an expert in EYFS and IELTS, as well as directing a team of staff. This has come from both practical experience and through professional development by completing courses, workshops, attending seminars and through reading many different books on the subjects.

I can offer you my services on a range of matters, some examples include:

  • – setting up the EYFS Curriculum in your school
  • – planning & designing great lessons for any age or level
  • – developing a ‘summer camp’ or other seasonal camps
  • – authoring books & articles
  • – video/voice presentations/recordings
  • – corresponding with people on your behalf
  • – advice on doing business in China

I’m confident that I can assist you in some way, and I’m open to all kinds of work related to my background.

Please get in touch with me directly in the form below if you have any questions. I will get back to you ASAP.

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