Scholarly Saturday (7,8)

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And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:2-6

In today’s video series ‘What An Earth Happened’, we delve into some extremely dark and disturbing topics. These are topics which many people prefer to shy away from, and understandably so. However, it’s important to realise that it is going on in this realm in which we live and it must not be swept under the rug. The ones who are shining the most light on this topic are those who have children themselves, as they realise how sacred and pure children are. Our children have always been easy targets for these entities, whether it be for indoctrination or for more nefarious purposes. As a parent, we must be ever vigilant and never let our guard down. As an educational centre, I believe we have a responsibility to share this content.

The Lies Are Crumbling

The following agenda has now been, thankfully, brought out into the open and made it into mainstream news and the public domain (even though they are trying to censor it). Meaning then, action is being taken – although perhaps not swiftly enough. The leaks on this subject are more nails in the coffin for those in power. Whether their punishment comes in the form of mobs armed with pitchforks storming their residences or a reservation in the pit of hell after they die, their actions will have dire consequences, no question about it. Time is running out for these monsters, and they know it…

When you’re ready to continue unravelling the mysteries of this realm, hit the play button below. As mentioned above, Part 7 is particularly unsettling, so you have been forewarned. 

Part 7

Part 8

*I’m not the creator or the above video content, it is in the public domain and free to share.

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