Scholarly Saturday – Video Series

Time To Take Your Head Out Of The Sand

Since the inception of the video series ‘What an Earth Happened’ last week, many of you had some time to reflect on some of the ideas proposed in it. As we’re only just getting started, it’s too early to conclude anything yet, as this is a 13 part video series, and so, all the evidence must be laid out on the table for the rational mind to ponder over and decide what the truth really is. Many would agree though, that we not often told the truth from the likes of politicians and the mass-media, regardless of which country you reside in. That being said, lies don’t last forever and the truth always come out. A fitting bible quote – Proverbs 12:19 “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.” Proverbs 13:5 “The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace.”

So, when you’re in a place that you won’t be disturbed, you may continue the journey.

Part Three

Part Four

*I’m not the creator or the above video content, it is in the public domain and free to share.

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